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travelers stay at Hotel Continental

travelers stay at Hotel Continental

Not as famous as the Hue Dream Cake, but Hang Bong at the Hang Bong Market, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province is still delicious, bringing its own characteristics to become a specialty Tien Giang famous in the South. To Hang Bong market, international travelers stay at Hotel Continental Saigon, will easily catch the burden of cake along the way, always busy eating guests. Mums and dads selling desserts just served to serve customers chatting happily with guests, the atmosphere is fun, extremely warm. Pedigrees are sold at the store, which is cooked by the mother and ladies in the pot and then brought to the market, whenever customers come to eat, the hot, white, soft cake is served. Then discarded dried shrimp, grinded green beans, crispy crispy pork fillets with crispy fried bread cut pomegranate seeds, add fat onion fragrant up. Next to the disk is a bowl of dipping sauce with each mother's own secret to make bowl of acorns, spicy salty sweet mouth, increase the sweetness of dough. Fried crayfish must eat in the new way is the best, each cake is placed in the small bowl of each child, then chan a little sauce depending on the individual taste, then use the chopsticks always The little cake is always beautiful to the mouth to chew. Soft cakes embracing the whole personality makes all the sweet, fleshy, fatty, salty, sour, mixed together to leave a sweet, unforgettable.


Currently, in accordance with the needs of diverse customers, Hang Bong cakes do not only have traditional salty cakes, but also sweet cakes with green beans, coconut milk fat fatty, sweet, hot on the day. the weather is windy, pouring rain, eat cold on the hot summer day is very refreshing. Whether it is sweet cakes or salty cakes, it will bring you a new experience when you come to Tien Giang, if you want to experience all the deliciousness of this cake in the countryside, do not you eat cake in the countryside. The restaurant has to go to the buns in Hang Bong market.